PMI Processes

The first table is to practice.  The completed table is available below for reference.

This is a basic study aid for learning and testing on the Project Management Institute’s 42 processes. It is  helpful for the PMP certification exam to have each process memorized and know where it falls in the project lifecyle.  The answers are available by scrolling down to a second, completed table below. The formatting on the form boxes is a bit quirky. You can use them however works best for you. The scroll bars are removed but you can navigate within a box if needed, using the cursor. Each box is at least 5 rows high, so enough room is provided for the maximum number of processes per knowledge area. Feel free to advise me of any problems or suggestions.

Process Groups Initiation Planning Execution Monitoring And Control Closing
Knowledge Areas
Human Resources

Process Groups Initiation Planning Execution Monitoring And Control Closing
Knowledge Areas
Integration Develop project charter Develop project management plan Direct and manage project execution Monitor and control project work. Perform integrated change control Close phase or project
Scope Collect requirements. Define scope. Create WBS. Very scope. Control scope.
Time Define activities. Sequence activities. Estimate activity resources. Estimate activity durations. Develop schedule Control schedule
Cost Estimate costs. Determine budget Control costs
Quality Plan quality Perform quality assurance. Perform quality control.
Human Resources Develop HR plan. Acquire project team. Develop project team. Manage project team.
Communications Identify stakeholders. Plan communications. Distribute information. Manage stakeholder expectations. Report performance
Risk Plan risk management. Identify risks. Perform qualitative risk analysis. Perform quantitative risk analysis. Plan risk responses Control risks.
Procurement Plan procurements. Conduct procurements. Administer procurements. Close procurements.

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