Pizza Dough

My sourdough pizza dough is an attempt at Pizza Hut’s style of deep dish pan pizza, though it can be rolled flatter for New York style pies.  The dry milk was suggested online somewhere and I’ve begun adding to many of my bread recipes.  It provides a crisp outside and porous soft insides.  If you’re really serious about a killer crust, replace the dry Italian seasoning with fresh ground parsley, basil, and fried rosemary.

Ingredients for one large pizza crust

* 1 cup sourdough starter
* 1 TBSP dry milk
* 1 TBSP sugar
* 1 TBSP olive oil
* 1 TSP salt
* Dash of pepper
* 1 TSP cornmeal
* 1 TSP Italian seasoning
* 1 cup bread flour
* 1/3 cup wheat flour

Bread machine dough cycle
Rise in warm, moist oven

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