Steak Tartare

I’ve been making steak tartare for about six months now and my favorite recipe is below. A grinder makes it easy and pretty but it can also be sliced thinly with a sharp knife. The most recent serving (pictured) was for a holiday event and so delivered on toast points. But it’s hard to savor the beef and especially the egg that way so consider arranging the toast points to the side or even omitting them. The tartare and egg can then be mixed to taste and spread if desired.

Steak Tartare

1/2 pound ground raw beef filet. (Repudible purveyor, purchased uncut/unground)
1 TBSP capers, finely chopped
1 TBSP brown Mustard
1 tsp Worcestershire
1 tsp lemon juice
2 TBSP onion, finely chopped
1 TBSP chives, finely chopped
2 TBSP finely chopped parsley or favorite herbs
2 Farm fresh eggs or quail eggs (yolks only)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Remove beef from refrigeration, leave covered.
Prepare other ingredients in bowl.
Grind or cut beef, add to bowl, fold together gently.
Form into disks with a center depression for egg yolks.

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