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The ChicDuckHen

Here are the tribulations of the likely too-ambitious process of making a Chicken / Duck / Cornish Game Hen recursively stuffed bird. Why? A TurDuckEn is great but also huge. This should be more suited for a smaller group. Also any excuse to enjoy a game hen is a good one.

There is a good resource for de-boning a bird here. I followed it for the most part but made the cardinal sin of tearing and puncturing the skin slightly which risks losing juices during the cooking. I think next time I'll be less focused on rolling the bird inside out "like a sock." I ended up making more surgical-like cuts internally to remove the bones from the meat and skin vs. trying to peel these back off the ribcage.

Chicken is a bit ordinary so I'll marinate this one in a tart cherry and cranberry sauce for 24 hours. Maybe we'll get some holiday red to go along with the green center of rosemary, parsley, Basil, sourdough stuffing planned.....