A Tale of Two Kitties

Smudge is almost ready for adoption! Smudge was adopted within two days! Lot of other animals waiting for their friends at the Austin Humane Society.

The first version of Smudge arrived with a tint on his white face and kept it long enough to earn his nickname. He also had quite a cold, no appetite, and began losing weight. That’s not good for a kitten so he made several trips to the vet and back to the Austin Humane Society. We worried he might not make it. He was very tiny and fragile and sleepy.

But that was then and this now! Thanks to Jackie’s ‘kitten growing’ expertise, Smudge — Take 2, got over his cold, began eating again, and hasn’t stopped. In fact we call him Pudge now as well, especially when he pushes four adult cats away from their food, in order to get first pick. He’s growing into an energetic, playful and happy cat. He will literally play himself to sleep in your lap, on a sofa, or on the floor. He’s on his way to becoming an expert fetcher. I’ve only known a few cats who really fetch well and they are a lot of fun to have around.

So Smudge returns to the Austin Humane Society in the next week or so to await his permanent home. If you’d like a new friend or know someone who does, contact me or Jackie or the AHS. As parents do, we took lots of photos and a few movies. You can browse these in the April and May sections of the web gallery.

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