A Hybrid Fence

We wanted to see down into the greenbelt valley behind our home. So I took down the decrepit fence at the rear of our propery. Great! We can see the deer, rock squirrels, falcons, etc. But it’s also somewhat of a security hole, since the home is now more accessible from that side and with less visibility than from the front.

So, how about putting up a property line fence that does not block the view? The standard solutions for this either chain link which looks cheap or wrought iron which for 100+ feet came in at about $5,000. This is about $5,000 more than I was looking to spend considering our back yard is classified as zero maintenance, rarely entered and not much to look at.

I decided on treated 2×2s attached to the existing 4×4s already mounted in concrete for the current fence. These will act as crossbeams and when cut in half at a 45 degree angle, the pickets. The architecture is structurally sound but not as completely sturdy as if I’d used 2×4s for the crossbeams. A strong person could tear at the fence and break sections apart, but then again, I can pull off pieces of the old fence and the neighbor’s fence with one hand. And the other neighbor has no fence. So this option, complete with sharp, upward facing spires will provide an obstacle that is not scalable and would force a probably loud demolition to break through.

Maybe I’ll stain it, maybe reinforce the crossbeams with 2×4s, maybe not. But the yard is fenced again and now we can see down into the valley!

2 comments to A Hybrid Fence

  • J.R.

    Looks like Texas, Your fence though is functional, by now it has started or is twisting. Look to add ASAP a top horizontal support, also if you didn’t put a sealer on it is already cracking; this will deteriorate faster because of opening the wood (drying to fast) to whatever. Now dependant on where you live there is typically a “good ol boy” that can get an Iron fence up for a much better price than you received. Also sound like your first priority was View, though value should have been the primary consideration, resale is everything. If in fact you’re in Texas, fencing quality is a must for resale and security (pigs, dogs and general liability, child and pet safety…).

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