Puzzle Battles

I decided to try a challenge where the squirrels must extract the prize from inside something. I took a spare piece of PVC pipe and ran a shoe string through it. A steel washer is tied to the center of the string and the ends are secured on each side. There is loose corn and sunflower seeds inside. Pulling the string in either direction spills out some food, but it only works once. For a second helping, the string needs to be pulled in the opposite direction.

The problems with the puzzle are 1) the tree squirrel prefers to eat through anything directly vs. figuring out a puzzle and 2) the rock squirrel does not like getting up on things so much. So this ended up being a being a can-you-eat-through-the-puzzle challenge. (and he could) He is a rodent after all, so the teeth never stop growing and it didn’t take long for this to degrade into a big mess.

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