Let it snow, let it snow…

I grabbed the cool snowstorm script from WordPress.com.  It’s made by Shillmania

Either WP or my Atahualpa theme required I use the an explicit link to the script and not a relative link like in the documentation.  I’m not certain why.

So the code is this in the head tag:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://markpreynolds.com/snowstorm.js?ver=1260233238'></script>

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  • I know it is a big late, but I got a nice post on the Let It Snow plugin for wordpress incase you wanted to check it out (its on the first page still)…By the way I changed my site since you lost saw it if you would care to comment for me. As well as I have added a new contribution page so you can submit articles if you are interested.

    ps: I still have your active dofollow link on the Atahualpa Showcase page, incase you wondered. 🙂

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