My Mac Apps

I’ve occasionally been asked about and benefited from summaries of preferred Mac / OSX applications. Here are mine:

  • VLC Media player
  • KeyRemap4MacBook lets you remap keys (and get your delete key back! =)
  • Mac the Ripper DVD Ripping
  • VMWare Fusion for running Windows, Linux, OSX clients on your Mac
  • Handbrake DVD encoding
  • Adium IM Client
  • TweetDeck Twitter client and search engine
  • Psst Stops or lowers volume of the loud bong chime from firing at startup.
  • Cyberduck Secure file transfer client
  • DivX Player 
  • Chicken of the VNC Remote desktop client.
  • TextMate Text editor / IDE ~$52
  • 1Password $40 handles all your password management
  • Text Expander Autotyping manager.
  • Transmission Bittorent client
  • Omnigraffle $99 diagraming application
  • Graphic Editing.  For lightweight work, OSX’s native Preview app is great.  For medium, Photoshop Elements, For heavy duty Photoshop CSS.

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