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  • Hey Mark,

    Your plugin is much better now. I did the steps in your screencast. Note that i did already the permalink thing but in your new version i can’t see the page where you copy the permalink settings from. But i did change the permalink settins on a previous install of ungallery.

    I get small lines on the gallery screen (in the website) and if i click on one of them i get another bunch of lines and if i click one of them my picture is displayed. Can it be a problem if i use wordpress in the dutch language?

    Can you help me out. I really like to play with the plugin!


    your pal from Holland,


  • mark

    Hey thanks Sebastiaan,

    I think we are just about ready. I’d really like to get this working for you since I wrote it for exactly your type of use. I made a bunch of major updates today that should address the problem you are seeing. I’ll add the details on the UnGallery comments page.

    You should just need to do an automatic update of the plugin and then visit the UnGallery admin page once, which will activate the fixes.

    You plugin pal from Texas. =)

  • Hi Mark! I want to know if there is a way to add at the top of the picture or below the picture name or a picture description.

    I really like your plugin!!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • mark

    Thanks Federico!

    The ability to add a caption is a frequent request, but the feature doesn’t exist yet. You can add names and text at the top of the gallery via the banner.txt file, but not for each picture. I’ll investigate adding caption capability to that file.


  • I am using WordPress 3.0.4. and UnGallery will not show any pictures at all no errors also but it doesn’t work.

    my path /home/domainname.com/public_html/justaname/wp-content/images/
    cache dir has chmod 777 wp-content/cache/

    result nothing verry frustrating after 2 hours of trying!!!

    resulting in nothing

    / -zip- /
    Sub Galleries :

    I a better gallery which works immidiate is NextGallery

  • mark

    Hello MegaMerel,

    You are welcome to ask questions after 2 minutes of trying. I’m quite responsive. If you provide a link to the gallery I can help troubleshoot.

    You probably mean NextGen Gallery. It’s an excellent plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/ UnGallery tries to solve a different challenge though.


  • Hi Mark ! I started a wordpress site, the site was under http://www.cuervos.com.uy/wordpress and the ungallery plugin was installed and working, now i moved the site to http://www.cuervos.com.uy and the plugin doesn’t show the pictures anymore i tried reinstalling but i didnt work…

    Do you know whay this might happen?


  • mark

    Hi Federico,

    I’m only getting Internal Server Error at that address. Is there working WP install there? I only see the splash screen. If it worked previously and hasn’t since moving the site, I’m guessing it’s related to the WP updates. If we can get other pages and parts of the site online, I can look at the gallery code.


  • Hi Mark i am sorry, today i had some problems on the site so i had to install everything again, but the problem with ungallery persists, the gallery link http://www.cuervos.com.uy/fotos

  • i got it to work now! thanks for your time!

  • mark

    Hey, good to hear Federico!

    If you would like to use “Fotos” as your WP Page name instead of “Gallery”, you can do that now too. Just change the Title on the Page and update the permalink there. Then update on the UnGallery admin to match.

    Take care,

  • Mark, I installed your plugin Ungallery and now i cannot get into the wp/plugin.php admin page? Any fixes for this?

  • specifically what i’s doing is firefox is now treating it like a download link….and safari just says the page can’t be opened.

  • Ok, I finally updated my notification email address. Sorry for delays.

    If anyone is still experiencing install problems, please let me know.


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