WordPress UnGallery

UnGallery dynamically publishes directories of images and embeds them into your WordPress blog.  The name describes the goal of the plugin to stay out of your way and allow you to manage your images with no administration in WordPress.

This approach allows your powerful administration tools like FTP, SCP, automation scripts, and image editors to directly manage your image library.  Changes are automatically reflected in WordPress.  There are no web forms to select files for upload.  There is no importing or modifications to the database.  The gallery files are accessed remotely by WordPress and remain accessible and manageable, outside the WordPress environment.

If you’ve ever had to reorganize where your photos are stored, remove a few from a large set, or edit the red-eye of a dozen pictures after uploading, you know how inconvenient it is to return to the website management UI to update everything.  With UnGallery, all these add/remove/edit changes you make to your library are automatically rolled into WordPress.




  • Unlimited depth, breadth, and number of photos. The gallery here has approximately 25,000.
  • Photo library is managed outside of WordPress.  Simply update via FTP, SCP, etc.  UnGallery displays changes automatically.
  • Multiple gallery views:  Top level marquee (optional), thumbnails, browsing previous and next pictures.
  • Gallery hierarchy breadcrumbs with links to parent, present, and sub-galleries
  • Optional and default banner captions
  • Unbrowsable, hidden galleries
  • Caching for faster page reloads
  • Support for MP4 movies embedded within WordPress
  • Automatic image rotation of jpegs with exif orientation, if available


  • The layout is configured for the default WordPress installation.  I use the excellent Atahualpa theme and increase the page width to a modern browser standard.  The sizes of all thumbnails, images, and columns are configurable.
  • Feel free to use it, extend it, or contact me with questions.


  • Grab the current version at WordPress.org.
  • The installation steps are mostly standard, though there are couple simple, extra steps, noted in the instructions.



196 comments to WordPress UnGallery

  • mark

    Ok these should be fixed. I’m getting the video to embed in all browsers I have access to. (That was some yucky browser/OS compatibility code. Blech.

    The MP4/mp4 issue should be all good now too. That one was just yucky Mark code at fault.

    Refresh from WordPress.org and you should be all good. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ungallery/installation/

    I’ll see about reading the size of a given movie and dynamically setting the table size. For now now we assume 440 x 380 so there can be a little white space or overlap for the offset.

  • Billy

    Hi Mark..
    thanks for fixing this! works and looks great!
    (my wp didn’t think it was a new version.. so had to install it manually..)
    apologies for using a Mac and causing problems!! 😉

  • mark

    UnGallery now supports other names than “Gallery” as the main page and name that appears in the URL.

    Thanks for the suggestion Frank!

  • Hi Mark,

    is there an auto update for the plugin? Or have i to install it manually again?

    Sers, Frank

  • Hi Mark,

    another big problem. Every time i make the auto-update via WP, it deletes the whole plugin folder.

    Can you please fix this asap? It nervs to install the plugin always new.

    And… remember the language support. With every update my translations will overwrite.

    Thx and have a nice day

  • Hi Mark,

    sorry, but this is not a good idea:

    “To customize the gallery name that appears in the URL, update the $gallery = “gallery”; at the top of ungallery.php and create a blank WordPress of the same name.”

    Whenever an update comes out, the ungallery.php is also overwrite by the new version and the user settings are gone away.

    The same as my translations in the other files….

    Frank 🙂

  • mark

    Yep. I get the same behavior. I had not been using auto update, but it appears the way this works is for WordPress to delete and recreate the plugin directory. Ouch.

    That seems like an invasive way to update anything and so I’ll need to figure out how to persist UnGallery’s configuration options

  • Hi Mark,

    sorry, but i must remove your plugin from my page. There are to many errors in that plugin. I lack the time to have to test more.

    Actually, the plugin overwrites my startpage with the gallery. I have no idea why…..when i call my webpage, ungallery is now on the startpage. When i look at the startpage in WP, i see the correct one.

    So dont be angry, but tell me, when the plugin is working correct so that i can activate him again. There is to much trouble at this moment. Before the next update, you should test it by your own very carefully!

    sry, Frank

  • mark

    Hi Frank,

    I appreciate your feedback. I admit the plugin is young and can always use more testing. Unfortunately some of that testing has to occur out “in the wild”, because I do not see the errors that everyone will in all WordPress environments. All I can do is commit to fixing them asap. I test thoroughly here and only publish when everything works properly for me.

    Some things are impossible to predict. When your site used PNG files but they were named with JPG extensions, typos in your permalink configuration, or relative links not functioning in your blog. These are edge cases that took me time to track down and fix and are not testable beforehand.

    UnGallery is still beta and versioned to reflect that at 0.9.x. I’ll be publishing incremental fixes over the next few months and will consider a 1.x release when the plugin has a menu configuration page and a few other standard features. That might be better time to use UnGallery.

    Thanks again for your input.


  • OK, Mark, i write a long post here and forgot to post your “Error: Please input Numerical. ”

    With using back button of browser, all input is gone away and i can rewrite all the text. Cool!!!!

    OK Mark. Your plugin is beta, so you should mark it as BETA in wp.org. I spend many hours to test it.

    And the problems are not at my site. The problem is your plugin which isnt ready.

    So next time please test it before publishing. With every update of the plugin, there are more problems. And this is not a problem with my site. Two of many other images are named wrong. OK. The other images works. And my permalinks are working great since many month!

    Sorry, but I am disappointed by your post! It is not my fault if the plugin does not work!

    Frank :-(((((((((((((((((

  • Hey Mark,

    This plugin is a blessing. I had my back broken over so many gallery plugins. Most plugins require that you import the pictures by hand. Mostly they require additional info like a title and some tags.

    But i’ve been busting my b*lls to find a plugin that just reads the folders and the pictures. My wife takes care of the tagging of pictures on the computer so if the gallery can just read her input out of the tags already on the pictures that will be ‘neato’.

    I came acoss your plugin and jumped a hole in the sky. Finally, somebody who understand how i want my pictures in wordpress.

    If i may ask… I do need a little support from you.

    I went to the installation steps very carefully. Made the directory 777 (writable). I put in some pictures but they don’t display on my site. As a check i downloaded the zip file. It contained the pics i had uploaded. So ungallery ‘sees’ them correctly.

    Can you tell me what im doing wrong?

    Many many thanks.

  • As a thank you note…

    If you want the plugin to be translated in Dutch… I be more than glad to help you.

    I discovered a small bug. In the plugin page ungallery tells me there is a new version ‘0.0’. That can’t be good.

    See Ya.

  • When does the 1.0 version comes out.

  • mark

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. I’ll answer your most recent questions first as they are related. The version number strangeness is because I needed to disable the plugin upgrade process for now. This is because when WP upgrades a plugin, it DELETES the entire plugin directory and everything in it, then recreates it. Ouch. UnGallery store(d) configuration files and even the photo directory within the plugin directory. So the upgrade risks losing picture files or other data and so this is not supported yet. Please just use a standalone installation until 1.0.

    I’ll move to 1.0 when the plugin’s version upgrade process is available and configuration is done via a plugin admin page. I do not yet have a date on that as my day job has heated up, but I should make significant progress over the holidays.

    Thanks for the offer for Dutch support! One recent feature request added was to allow a different name than ‘gallery’ as the root URL string, so that may be helpful to use in your non-English site. I’ll take you up on the translation when the code is GA.

    Regarding the problem loading the images, it may still be a permission though your 777 sounds fine. I got mkdir permission error when accessing: http://www.famkop.nl/wp-content/plugins/ungallery/jpeg_rotate.php?src=pics/2009-07-26_16-30-36.JPG&w=135 so I wonder if there is anything else preventing the plugin from creating the cache subdir? Could there be dir level permission to set in addition to one already set on the files?

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  • mark

    Danke wp-plugin-archive.de!

    UnGallery now has easy, menu based configuration and does not require editing files. As such, I’ve moved the version release to 1.x If you previously placed any image files in the plugin directory, please move them out. The WordPress automatic plugin update process deletes current plugin directories before installing the new one.

    The download is available at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ungallery/

    A new introduction and installation screencast is available above.

  • […] Introduction and installation screencast […]

  • I’ve tried it on WordPress 3.0 and no thumbnails are showing up of any images. I have the correct path specified as there would be an error if it was wrong.

  • mark

    Hello desbest,

    Thanks for checking out the plugin. You’re right; it generally throws an error if it cannot find the path. I just reinstalled on 3.0 and the images display here so your version is fine. If your site is accessible, I’m happy to look at it. Sometimes there is an error visible in the html due to an an environment difference.

    Some other things to check:
    * Write permission to the image directories is required. UnGallery adds a thumb_cache directory and small (~5k – 30k) jpg files there to speed performance.
    * The php gd library is required. (This a common default these days, but it would silently fail if absent) You check for it on your server using phpinfo();
    * WordPress on Windows servers is no longer supported.


  • The plugin dosen’t show any pic’s from det folder i have uploadet. Could this be because i am using the danish versin of wordpress ?

  • mark

    Hi Rasmus,

    I hope it is not that fragile and I’m psyched to have so many Europeans trying the plugin. But I have not tested on Danish WP. I can give that a try here and follow up with the results.

    The issue seems to be reading the image files vs. displaying them, since the UnGallery html your install generates does not even list any pictures in it. Interesting, it does display the subdirectory ok though. You also have GD installed so that is fine.

    Are these standard photo type images like JPEGs and PNGs? I think there are some size and dimensions limitations but it is unlikely you are exceeding those. Could you send me or point me to a couple of the sample photos?


  • Luis

    It looks really sweet but I’ve run into some problem. I dont think its a bad path, but the errors look like it is that. I hope you can assist.

    should point to images here
    which happens to be a dir with no images but no difference when Iuse a dir that does have images

    What I eventually want to do is to have multiple wp pages that each draw from different image directories. I’m assuming that is possible.


  • mark

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for the links. They help a lot in troubleshooting. I think while you’re that the path is accurate, it needs a couple format edits. Instead of:
    Please try:

    In general, the path to set in UnGallery is:
    * based on the local file system vs. the web URL
    * uses an absolute path from root of file system (often /home/../) vs. a relative path (like ../Images/)
    * includes the trailing slash/

    Everything else on the site looks good. I was able to connect to the image here.

    I hope this helps and thanks for checking out the plugin.


  • Sal

    I found it helpful to refer to the errors on the ungallery page to get the filesystem path. I have a shared hosting plan where I usually don’t see the full path, which was similar to this:


    …whereas I usually only see from “html” on when I SSH or browse with an FTP client.

    Thanks for the great plugin, Mark!

  • Luis

    Thanks Mark and Sal! What is the general strategy for having multiple galleries? I’ll try to explain:
    groupingA – a page that pulls images (and shows thumbnails) from a folder ….images/groupingA/
    groupingB – another page that pulls images showing thumbs from a folder ….images/groupingB/
    I think this is easy (navigate to the view I want then use that url as a nav item?), but I wont get try it till late tonight when I may not have the benefit of help.

    I have to say that this is an excellent idea for image management. Not sure how to re-order items or associating strings to individual images (like an image title or caption). Would those things be possible now or might they be integrated as new features someday? Any interest?

    Thanks again Mark!

  • mark


    Thanks for the feedback and you make a great point. Reliably confirming the path has become a common puzzle on many installs. One way to establish it is to type “pwd” from the SSH prompt at the top of the image directory. That will display the full path from root (vs. the relative path like ‘html’ you mention). It’s going to be worthwhile as more people beginning trying UnGallery for me to include troubleshooting tools. I may be able to add logic to the admin page that actually reads the directory WordPress is running in and suggests the path to the user.

    Because the plugin leaves the WP environment and accesses the file system, there are unique challenges associated. I’ll very likely update the code that produces the thumbnails and the cache so it does not need to write to the source image directories. That will be a cleaner install and allow folks to opt out or customize the caching location.

    Hi Luis,

    If I understand your question, that is the way I organize my photos too. I basically build a directory hierarchy and these become the galleris that can be drilled down through as a visitor navigates. So you could have this arranged by dates, or types of images, etc, and there is no limit to the depth or breadth of the folder structure you create.

    Reordering an interesting idea. I believe I currently sort alphabetically, but that would probably not be difficult to enhance. I’d also thought about reading caption or other info from the exif code of the images. Currently, you can add captions for a gallery by placing a file called banner.txt into a gallery’s directory. UnGallery will look for and display it as the heading of the gallery. If it does not see that file, it uses the name of directory as the gallery heading.The file accepts text and html.

    Thanks for checking out the plugin folks!


  • Luis

    Nice ideas re EXIF. I did read that banner.txt stuff. I was thinking more of on the individual image level.

    The part Im still unsure about (reworded) is that I want to create what looks like 2 separate image hierarchies. Group A and Group B would be two different WP pages meant to house these separate groups of thumbnails/images. I have the images for these ‘groups’ all grouped in folders off my main Image folder. So this organization appears different from what you describe – which is one giant hierarchy of all the folders with a shared root (the selected page in the plugin settings). I want what appears to be 2 hierarchies of images. Forgive me if this is a simple as grouping them as you d
    , navigating to the sub folder(s) that I want to appear as a separate gallery, and using that url in my nav (bypassing the top or real root of the hierarchy). Or is this wrong or contraindicated?

    Again, I appreciate your time and patience!

  • mark

    Patience kudos right back at everyone!…. and a quick shout out to Rasmus who debugged a ticklish path issue and got his UnGallery install working.

    Luis, I now see exactly what you mean and you are correct that the current version does not allow segregating the image directory into completely distinct areas. Ironically it **used to** insofar there were not always breadcrumbs providing navigation back up to the top of the hierarchy, so you could have created a WP page pointing to the spot in the directory tree and a natural ‘ceiling’ would occur. I think this can be added in the future if I monitor for more than one gallery name in the URL that initiates the plugin.

    My exif foo is only beginning so embedding info there may take longer. I’d have to provide the means for people to write to the files also. A less elegant and portable option could be to add name/value pairs to the banner.txt or similar file that provides captions mapping.

    I think the feature suggestions are valid and I’ll add them to the growing list. =)


  • My site is hosted on a windows server at godaddy. I was able to figure out the absolute path for my photos and the gallery shows the pictures just fine in that top directory. The problem I am having is the sub galleries, I am getting a 404 error.

    My gallery permalink: gallery and the web page link is …/gallery. On the hosting site I have created a folder called gallery which is the directory of my absolute path. Sub folders of this directory are showing up as sub gallery links but when I click on one I get the 404 error page.

    Any help you can offer is appreciated.


  • mark

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Windows server. For UnGallery, it makes a big difference because the code has to read the directory structure of the server. I supported Windows previously because I’ve always used it but after a while it became an entirely separate plugin so I had to pick one platform and linux has the larger share.

    That said, it’s working better for you than I expected. The main thing I noticed it there are login redirects while loading your pages. The source code in the gallery html looks good, but they only last for a moment before the login screen. It also tries to load your subgallery: http://our-pics.com/gallery?gallerylink=craigpatty which does work for a moment before moving to the login prompt. (I grabbed a screen cap before it moved on: http://markpreynolds.com/wp-content/plugins/ungallery/source.php?pic=/home/mmond/pics/2010/December/craig-pics.png)

    So I’m happy to see if there is a workable Windows option or even make changes to UnGallery to support Windows again, if it’s efficient. It is possible though that managing all differences between environments and file systems may mean I’m not able to resume Windows support.


  • mark

    Hi folks,

    A fairly significant update to UnGallery is available today. The changes are mostly ‘under the covers’ but they should help with a lot of current challenges and provide many new features in the future.

    1. The library of code used to generated thumbnails was outdated so this was upgraded to use phpThumb.
    2. UnGallery no longer needs to write any files to your image directories. The cache directory (providing fast image reloads) is now located at: .//wp-content/cache/ This means many of the write access challenges are no longer an issue. It’s just also a cleaner way for UnGallery to work. You may want to use your image hierarchy for other purposes or just not want some plugin writing changes it to it. It will also be possible soon to disable caching, if that is preferred.
    3. The admin menu page creates the cache directory above if it does not find it. Please revisit it once after updating to v.1.1.1 to activate the new caching model.

    While a small update, it changed years of code and I found and fixed many small bugs that resulted. I expect there will be a few more so just let me know if run into any trouble.

    That’s it for now. Thanks!

  • Hey Mark,

    I did upgrade to the latest version but still the strange lines appear (and no title or whatsoever).

    Please take a look @ http://www.famkop.nl.

    Thanks !


  • Please mail me a text file with all the text that need translated in dutch.

    I will translate it for you as a token of my gratitude.


  • mark

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    When I view the HTML, it’s still reporting version 1.0.4. Can you confirm the update to 1.1.1 succeeded? If the WordPress automatic plugin update does not show as available on the plugins menu page, you can also remove the ./ungallery/ directly entirely and grab a new copy via http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/ungallery.zip.

    Thanks for the translation offer! I will take you up on it asap.


  • Hi Mark,

    It did auto update to 1.1.1.

    But there is a slight problem. There is some error on the gallery page.

    The worst thing is that this error is all over the homepage as well. Removing the content my wife and i have typed there.



  • mark

    Thanks Sebastiaan,

    I reproduced this error and it was a complete bug on my part. An incomplete / old version of a file was mistakenly used. It missed my testing because it does not occur if the default gallery name: ‘gallery’ is used as the url link. Your gallery-2 link encountered the error though and possibly other people did too.

    So it’s corrected and published.

    I am working to create a process where every change to UnGallery triggers a set of automated tests to help avoid this happening in the future. Thanks Sebastiaan for catching and reporting the problem!


  • Luis

    Im working to setup the latest version of unGallery and now getting a different set of errors.

    On the Settings page:
    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /home1/rcbrodie/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ungallery/configuration_menu.php on line 17

    Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: No such file or directory in /home1/rcbrodie/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ungallery/configuration_menu.php on line 18

    On a gallery page, looks like phpThumb complaining about cache:

    Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  • mark

    Hi Luis,

    It looks like the plugin is not able to find and create the cache directory, though it has the intended path correct as: /home1/rcbrodie/public_html/wp-content/cache/. It may be a permission problem if the wp-content/ parent directory is not writable.

    Probably the most direct resolution is to create that directory. I’ll work also to add a condition that checks for a problem accessing the directory and disables caching.

    The commands to add the directory and set it writable are:
    mkdir /home1/rcbrodie/public_html/wp-content/cache/
    chmod 777 /home1/rcbrodie/public_html/wp-content/cache/

    I’ll follow up when I have a more automatic solution.


  • Hey Mark,

    I hope you had a great Christmas… I did.

    If there is anything i can do for you regarding Ungallery you let me know OK?


  • mark

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    You are so kind. Thanks! My Christmas was quiet and productive. I spent time with my girl and our entourage of cats and foster kittens who went back for adoption this week. =) I have not forgotten about the translation offers from you and others. As soon the plugin stabilizes and I research how to deploy languages, I’ll follow up.

    I’ve also been trying to figure out the best path for UnGallery’s thumbnail library. The phpThumb project now appears abandoned but is still probably the best PHP thumbnail library out there. So what I’ve done for now is the following:

    1. Kept phpThumb for generating the thumbnails and the web-sized browsing view of images.
    2. These images are cached and remembered when caching is possible. When it’s not, new error handling suppresses the problem and disables caching.
    3. When viewing the original source file, I’ve moved back to streaming that file directly. This bypasses the overhead of caching that file and generating an image on the fly (since it already exists). The only downside is it’s a direct stream and so browsers render it as-is. If the orientation of the image is rotated then it will appear rotated. If needed I’ll investigate adding rotation back for this view.

    Hi Luis,

    Even if the cache directory is unavailable we should no longer see an error in either gallery or admin views. The gallery should display all images without caching and the admin page will display that it was not possible to create the directory.

    Happy holidays to everyone!


  • Jonathan


    While it appears this plugin is new, it is exactly for what I’ve been looking! I searched for the last year to find a plugin that does what I want, and this is perfect. Too bad I can’t get it to work – but I know I’m close!

    If the cache gallery field says that it couldn’t create a directory, is there anything I can do? My gallery page shows up with a chunk of “image cannot be displayed” for my thumbnails, and while the subfolder links are there, the subfolders too have the “image cannot be displayed” icon for each respective image. Also, when I click on the thumbnail, it takes me to my homepage (but the URL is trying to hit the image – I can’t seem to get the right URL for the image using SRC in the URL). I’ve tried everything, and I have no clue what it should be. I would think my path to the image directory would be wrong, but if it finds the images to have thumbnail placeholders it seems that it has to be right. I’m using WordPress 3.0.3 and Ungallery 1.3.3 with Chrome 8.0.

    Baby Barrett (dot com) ?page_id=582 is the gallery page

  • mark

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated! I’m sure we can get your UnGallery install working. I’m also adding tools to the admin page that will make this easier for people to troubleshoot.

    The cache directory can be created by hand if necessary (see a few comments above) but that should no longer cause the images not to display. I think the main issue is that it looks like permalinks still need to be enabled. Confirm these steps are completed:
    * Enable Permalinks: Settings -> Permalinks -> Custom Structure -> /%category%/%postname%
    * Create a blank WordPress Page, for example: “Gallery”
    * Match the permalink field on the plugin admin page to the name used in step 3, e.g. “gallery”

    Let me know how it goes!


  • Mani

    Hi , iam totally a newbie in web designing , just reading and designing, word press is amazing, but still no idea of programming … anyway back to topic

    1 ) i have installed the Plugin and follow all the steps , get the Permalinks from new page by placing /%category%/%postname% . Setting/ permalinks/ custom structure

    2) gave absolute path Setting/ ungallery / Path to image directory:…..

    and when i click on the gallery instead of images it show me zip and gave two option download zip file or retrn to gallery , i downloaded the file it contain all the files , and return to gallery return nothing .

    any help what iam doing wrong here

  • mark

    Hi Mani,

    If you are seeing just the zip download option, the plugin is probably showing everything in the background HTML but the image links are broken. If you can post the address of your website here or email it to me, I’m happy to look at the HTML to see why this happening.


  • Jonathan

    Thanks Mark for the quick reply, I changed my permalinks back to what you had requested (I had done this initially), but when I attempt to hit the gallery page, I get sent to a page Google says can’t be found. Same with all the links on my Welcome page – they broke. The blank page was created as Gallery, and the permalink field is now set to gallery. But like I said – now nothing works as I can’t even hit the Gallery page.

    Before I was using the default permalink structure, and the permalink setting in the ungallery was to ?page_id=582 – which allowed at least the page to come up with the block of empty image icons.

    Thanks again,


  • mark

    Hi Jonathan,

    The Google redirect is a new issue I haven’t come across. I’m guessing it may be because the link created is malformed and so it’s not being resolved by DNS and forwarding to search. The only way I can see that happening is via a problem with the permalink setting.

    Can you provide the exact link that gets redirected to Google please? If you need to edit the domain name for privacy or email to me, feel free. It should appear as one of your WP pages at the top of your blog look something like this: “http://ungallery.markpreynolds.com/my-gallery”.

    Feel free to direct me to the site, either here or contact me via email and I’ll troubleshoot there.


  • Jonathan


    The URL is “http://www.babybarrett.com/gallery”, and my permalink setting is set to custom with “/%category%/%postname%” (without the quotes). The blank page name is Gallery, and the permalink name within the Ungallery page is “gallery”.

    This didn’t happen when I set the Permalink to default and set the Ungallery permalink to ?page_id=582 -the problem occurred then was that on the Gallery page, the image placeholders were there, but were the cannot find image icons (but there was one for each image!). I kept working that route, but when I couldn’t figure out the blank images, I gave up and came here.


  • mark

    Hi Jonathan,

    I don’t see the http://www.babybarrett.com/gallery URL page linked on the http://www.babybarrett.com/ home page. It will need to be in order for WP and UnGallery to see it in the URL.

    Somehow that permalink setting didn’t take or maybe the previous posts somehow did not update to the new format. The working links are all still in non-permalink format like:
    Welcome: http://www.babybarrett.com/?page_id=2
    Journal: http://www.babybarrett.com/?page_id=133
    UnGallery: http://www.babybarrett.com/?page_id=582

    All the permalink links are broken:

    So we need to get your WP site to see the pages and posts using the new format. One thing to confirm is that the permalinks are listed correctly on each of the pages’ edit screens. You can visit the edit screen for the Gallery page you created for example and the permalink should be listed there as http://www.babybarrett.com/gallery. If it is also listed there correctly and yet not displaying the Gallery page as a link on your home page, that may give us something to focus on.


  • Jonathan


    I’ve updated the header to include the link to the gallery (it now actually has two rows – one for the page name (the permalink structure) and one for the direct page reference (the page number). I’ve verified on the edit pages that the URLs for the pages have the correct permalink structure (http://www.babybarrett.com/gallery, /journal, etc.) I have no clue why they are not working when you try to actually view that page.


  • Jonathan

    I should note the problem with the permalinks is still there (I can’t hit http://www.babybarrett.com/gallery) even with the plugin disabled. This means it is not specific to your plugin (for other readers thinking there may be a problem with your plugin). But for my specific problem, it supports the reason why keeping the permalink structure to default and setting the gallery permalink within the Ungallery settings to “?page_id=582” got me to the page with the image icons (indicating your plugin was working – or close to working. Something be jacked with my permalinks when changing it from default. :o(

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